At Hookline Books all our fiction is chosen for publication by book clubs and serious readers. 


We consult with book clubs in choosing the novels that go to print. Book clubs or individual readers who would like to participate in reading Hooklinemanuscripts can view the "Discover new authors" page. 


We accept manuscripts only from students and graduates of MA creative writing courses - new writers who have sacrificed time and money to learn their craft. To help decide the novels we should put to print, we consult with book clubs from around the UK.  

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Coming soon, a historical novel:

Listen to the Child by Elizabeth Howard

It’s 1875 and London’s East End heaves with children who work as prostitutes, hawkers, beggars and thieves. Constance rescues as many as she can, but there is only so much she and other charity workers can do. Then a solution is offered that sounds perfect – Canada, with its wide green plains, has farmers who need help, while their wives want housemaids. Shipping children to this land of plenty offers them a future far from the temptations of London’s overcrowded streets. Widow Mary Trupper is wary, but the promise of good food and an education for her children is strong.

Are the fields green? Is the food plentiful? For some, yes. For others, the harsh winters reflect the welcome.

Available as a paperback or ebook on 26 October.

 You can read the early chapters of this mystery by clicking right here.

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