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We accept manuscripts only from students and graduates of MA creative writing courses - new writers who have sacrificed time and money to improve their fiction.

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Our latest title:

Hear Me by Julia North

After yet another shameful one-night stand Lissa has to accept that her sisters are right – she is an alcoholic and it’s time for rehab. She hates the idea of therapy, doesn’t want to examine her past, but just as she begins to see reasons for her drinking, life takes a brutal turn. Who are her fellow patients? Why is one of them so damned perfect?

Hear Me is a powerful story about life and death, addiction and sobriety, racism and the fight for justice – but above all it is a story about love.


Our close contact with readers means that our novels carry broad themes that cross cultural boundaries.

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As you're well aware, Hookline publishes only students and graduates of MA writing courses. Through the years people have suggested we open submissions to everyone.

So, we're opening a new track to fiction publishing with our sister imprint, Bookline & Thinker - the important difference is that the writer will share the financial risk and pay for some of the publication costs. It's not a new idea. Many publishers are already asking solid writers to share costs.

I should say that this will not be an easy route to publication. We will only accept manuscripts that have merit, those with a strong plot, good characterisation and a writing style that engages the reader. I will work with the writer and this may mean repeated rewrites. In addition, the manuscript will be copy edited, published in paperback and ebook format, distributed internationally and included in our catalogues.

Hookline Books will continue to be the place where MA writers come together with book groups and serious readers.

For more information on this new venture then please email: yvonneb@booklinethinker.com