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The Takers and Keepers Club by Ivan Pope

Where do the disappeared go? The girls and women who vanish, sometimes never to resurface.

Allen Kimbo, a freelance journalist, thinks there is a circle of keepers – men who guard their taken and keep silent.

An email invites Allen to Belgrade, to a meeting of the Takers and Keepers. Alan’s girlfriend Emily pleads with him not to go, but he believes he can uncover more about this network.

In Belgrade, Allen sees more than he had thought possible. However, back at home Emily is missing.

Ivan Pope has an MA in creative writing from the University of East Anglia. He confesses to an obsession with the deeds of Josef Fritzl and believes that many more victims are underground.


 Just a Small Town by Paul Linggood

A small town that could be anywhere – industry dead, streets in decline, those that can leave have left, those left behind take short-term joy in drugs.

Four young people are among the left behind.

Alex needs to escape his abusive father, and heroine consumes him. Jim wears a mask to conceal the torment of the friend he didn’t save. Chelsi’s brother killed a local boy, and ostracism pushes her towards a rival gang, prostitution and loneliness. Danny is a hustler but needs protection from the drug gang that supplies him.

Can any of them survive the addiction, gang life, isolation and manipulation.

Can they conquer the adversity in their lives?

A small town that could be anywhere.

Paul Langgood dropped out of school at age 16, and life took him, for a spell, to the dark side he describes in his novel. Paul now has a degree in English Literature and an MA in creative writing.

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