Independent reviews of an unusual debut crime novel

Posted by Yvonne Barlow on Thursday, November 19, 2015
"Crime doesn't pay," goes the maxim. However, an unusual debut crime novel from CM Thompson has proven a success with independent Netgalley reviewers who, it seems, love What Lies in the Dark.
And we're immensely proud and keen to share - especially as Amazon have discounted the ebook to 99p.
Here are just some of the reviews:

“This is a debut novel that deserves to be read.”

“CM Thompson has perfectly captured human nature - our pettiness and rivalries; our emotions of apathy and anger, our righteousness and suspicions.”

“An edge of your seat well-written thriller.”

“Well worth a read.”

“A great debut thriller, with some wonderful flairs of style.” 

“The ending came as a real surprise, leaving me with a gasp of disbelief.”  

“This book is fast paced, never a dull moment in it and written from different views - even the killers.”

“One I will not forget. Realistic and authentic dialogue and scenarios. If you love a spellbinding mystery, this is for you.”

“The plot is fast paced and very tense with some pretty disturbing and gritty scenes, but absolutely cleverly handled.” 

What Lies in the Dark

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