Is it a review or is it a blurb?

Posted by Yvonne Barlow on Monday, May 14, 2012
Positive comments from famous writers or newspaper book reviewers are craved by every new novelist. It is a widely held belief that if Celebrity Writer A or Newspaper Writer B liked it then the book will sell well. But will it?
Anthony Horowitz has written a super piece in the Guardian on 'Who's Helping Who In the Cover Blurb Game'. 
He asks whether readers pay any attention to what is clearly a back scratching game.
I understand his point. When I'm browsing in a book shop I read the book description and the first page - and my eyes glance quickly over celebrity reviews, or even any reviews.
At Hookline Books, we do put reading group reviews on the back covers because we feel these have a legitimacy. They are unprompted and come from people who expect nothing in return. In fact, the reading groups do not even know that their reviews might be included on the cover (although, we might have blown that one now).
So thoughts please. Horowitz raises some interesting questions. When do reviews become blurred?

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