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Write your novel on Hydra, Greece


We’re launching a new adventure for Hookline Books – week-long writing classes on a Greek island.
And not just any Greek island, but Hydra, where all homes flow down to the sea.

Hydra has no cars (except a few municipal vehicles that can’t travel very far). It’s a peaceful place with a craggy geography that limits its tourist development. Transport on the island is by foot, boat or donkey.

About the course

Our week-long novel-writing classes will be limited to five people and are open to all – those who have not yet put fingers to keyboard but have a novel spinning in their head as well as those who are in the midst of their first rough manuscript.

We’ll begin each week with a one-on-one meeting so that I can learn about you. After that, daily sessions will cover plot, character, beginnings, scene writing and do’s and don’ts.

Creative writing is tiring so we’ll meet in the morning, take an afternoon break so that you can hike, sunbathe, write, people watch or do all four of these things, and then return to discuss thoughts and ideas over dinner in the evening.

Some creative writing workshops take place in a vacuum. Personally, my brain empties in a vacuum and I don’t find it helpful for creativity. Instead you will be immersed in story telling – what works, what doesn’t, plot flows, how characters tell a story, beginnings, endings, and tracking all the bits in the middle.

You will hopefully gain inspiration to think through your work with greater clarity. My work at Hookline has always been with new writers – I’ve edited and published 22 new authors with Hookline Books.

Two novel writing weeks are planned: May 3-9 and 17-23. Each week is limited to five writers.

Cost is £400, which includes breakfast and evening meal


Please note that Hydra is steep, which is why I haven't made the course all inclusive. A room with a view is easy for those who don't quake at the prospect of steps, but others should probably stay closer to the harbour. I'm happy to provide guidance. 

Getting there:

Athens is the closest airport. The port of Piraeus is a 30 minute taxi ride from the airport - however, allow two hours if taking the bus or travelling by metro from the airport to Piraeus.

Hydra is two hours by ferry from Piraeus, and there are around three to five ferries a day - the timetable varies but can be found online

To arrive on Hydra on the same day as you leave the UK, please ensure your flight lands at Athens before 3pm.

For further information on Hydra visit:



Where to stay:

Accommodation is in hotels, B&B and in rooms. Hydra is small and easy to get around, except if you have a problem with steps. Again, there are no cars, just donkeys and boats.



For more information about the course: email me Yvonne@hooklinebooks.com

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