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Manuscript evaluation

Writing during Coronavirus
Many people are using lock down to put fingers to keyboard and write that novel - great news! Many people ask me to read what they have and guide them forward in their plot. I am happy to do this. However reading manuscripts and assessing work does take time and I do have to charge. 

The fee is £50 for three chapters (around 6,000 to 8,000 words).

Email me your work: editor@hooklinebooks.com

"You don't need an MA to be a good writer."

This is absolutely true! However, publishing fiction is a tough business with so much financial risk - while a few novels make a profit, many do not.

So we're opening a  new track to fiction publishing - the difference is that the writer will share the financial risk with us and pay for some of the publication costs.

This is not a new idea. Many publishers are already asking solid writers to share costs.

It will not be an easy route to publication. We will only accept manuscripts that have merit - those with a strong plot, good characterisation and a writing style that engages the readers.

If a manuscript is accepted, then I will work with the writer and this may mean repeated rewrites. In addition, the manuscript will be copy edited, published in paperback and eBook format, distributed internationally and included in all our catalogues.

For more information on this new venture to publishing, then please email yvonne@hooklinebooks.com

We also offer advice to new writers and will review segments of your work. Email me yvonne@hooklinebooks.com for details.