Hookline Books

Our online, week-long, writing course

The lockdown is on and some of us are thinking of the book we’ve always wanted to write, and the characters we’ve wanted to bring to life. However, many of us have never had the space in our lives to put finger to keyboard.

We have an online writing course beginning on Monday, ===== at 10 am and another at 3pm: five days, one hour a day.

We will cover:

Day one: plot – how to create the circumstances that drive your characters from beginning to end.

Day two: character – how to put characters into a plot, bring in conflict, add emotion and mix.

Day three: The beginning – why you need to come up with a great first line that will give the reader a strong sense of place and time.

Day four: Dialogue – how to write authentic conversation plus an overview of things you should never do (even when your character says she wants to).

Day five: Endings - how to reach a good one, plus we’ll discuss a gamut of questions and issues.

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