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Ben Lyle

Twelve-year-old James hates life at his hippy boarding school. All he wants is an academic education. When a strict new teacher walks into this world of fringed ponchos, James latches onto him. As a tragic story unfolds, the adult James is forced to confront his part in a grand downfall.

"A fascinating and nuanced debut by a new literary talent." D. W. Wilson



Gayle O'Brien

On the run from a killer, Annie and her mother flee to a remote farmhouse in New England. When Annie finds an unsent letter from a debutante in the Civil War, she is drawn to the story of a Southern girl immersed in a love that cannot see light in the American South.

"Every character drawn in loving detail."  Mohammed Hanif, author

Just a Small Town

Paul Linggood

A gritty urban tale of those left behind. For fans of Trainspotting.

Industry is in decline, streets in decay, many have left, while those left behind take short-term joy in drugs.

Four young people are among the left behind.

Alex consumes heroin to escape his abusive father. Jim hides from guilt after the death of the friend he didn’t save. Chelsi’s brother killed a local boy, and ostracism pushes her towards a rival gang, prostitution and loneliness. Danny is a hustler but needs protection from the drug gang that supplies him.

Can any of them survive the addiction, gang life, isolation and manipulation?

Their small town could be anywhere.