Whether you are a fan of Leonard Cohen or not, you have likely heard of the new film, Marianne and Leonard: Words of Love. The documentary on the romance between Cohen and Marianne Ihlen has been well received. At Hookline, we have our own take on the story with the novel The Water and the Wine by Tamar Hodes. Tamar lived on Hydra as a child, and Cohen and Marianne were her neighbours.
While Nick Broomfield’s film is a documentary, Tamar’s story is fictional. You might think factual gives the best picture, but according to author, E.L Doctorow, 'The historian will tell you what happened. the novelist will tell you what it felt like.' 
The San Francisco Review of Books certainly thought so, ‘Well-turned storylines, excellent character development, and a generous portion of the world as lived in the 60s make this a very fine treasure of a book.’

Other reviews: ‘An enchanting, entertaining read.’ Cohencentric
‘A read that deserves recommendation.’ Book Traveller
‘Leonard Cohen fans, creatives, and anyone who loves Greece, will enjoy this story. You’ll want to book a trip to Hydra to find your own muse.’ Windy City
If you have seen Words of Love and enjoyed it, you may want to put some flesh of that documentary’s bones and read our very own The Water and the Wine.