I am new to audio books. I started with Stephen Fry and his Mythos and found that listening rather than reading allows my imagination to go further – a bit like being told a story as a child, I can see the Gods and monsters rather than being distracted by grey text. When I finished listening to Mythos, I stayed in Greece and downloaded My Family and Other Creatures by Gerald Durrell, and I have to say it made me laugh out loud. However, not all stories transfer well to audio. A crime novel I’m listening to at the moment is a bestseller but I struggle to remember who the characters are. While in print you can turn back a few pages, it’s not so easy to refresh your memory in audio.
We now have five novels in audio – I had to be a consumer before I could consider moving into this format. The novels were chosen because they have strong plots. We still have some free promotion codes for UK listeners, so please email me if you would like a free download of any of these titles.
Seven Days to Tell You by Ruby Soames - a husband returns after being missing for three years. Where has he been? Can his wife believe his story?

Hear Me by Julia North - After a particularly shameful night, Lissa admits she is an alcoholic and that's when her troubles really begin.

The Partridge and the Pelican by Rachel Crowther - Two friends find a baby abandoned in a phone box. The event casts a shadow across their own families.

What Lies in the Dark by CM Thompson - One murder can make a town nervous, Two brings fear. Add three, four and more and watch neighbour turn on suspicious neighbour.

Listen to the Child by Elizabeth Howard - Shipping poor children from London's overcrowded Victorian streets to the green fields of Canada sounds like a good idea. What can go wrong?

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