The London Book Fair begins next week - a trade fair devoted to books. It's a joy to be there, and my wee head spins at all the book covers, spread surely over several acres. But before you think it's all fun - browsing blurbs, talking about authors and seeing what's new - let me tell you that there is serious work to be done. For the London Book Fair is less about day to day sales between publishers and book shops (although I wish some of it were), the event is more about meeting foreign publishers and selling them the right to translate our books to their language.  
Until now, we haven't had much luck with this. We had a rights agent, but their speciality was in non-fiction, and I really believe they took Hookline on as a client because... well, because... I was alone and they admired my bravery - going against the flow by letting book groups choose our fiction. Well, they may have admired my fortitude, but they didn't get us any sales.
This year, Hookline has a secret weapon: Tanya Harris-Brown. Tanya is tiny but I would pitch her against any agent anywhere. She has a background in French and German, has spent months studying foreign publishers, she loves books, loves the industry and can talk fluidly - something that often fails me in negotiating.
Wish us well in next week's adventures - we'll tweet @hooklinebooks - personal tweets @yvonnebarlow