Dear Independent Booksellers,
We know you face problems as you try to compete with Amazon, supermarket discounts and the rise of Ebooks.
On the publishing side, small independents also struggle - raising the profile of new works is not easy when our weekend newspapers all review the same high-profile books. Many of us have no money for sales reps never mind publicists and their campaigns.
Like other small publishers, we have some highly praised reads - books that may not be reviewed in our newspapers, but books that are worthy of your readers. And we are keen to work with you.
For we know that it is on your shop floor that readers discover the quiet works, the books with no publicity behind them, the stories that might bring pleasure to a reader or ten.
So I, for one, am open to suggestions on how we can better work together.
Do you want us to ship direct? We can do that.
Do you want small numbers of titles as a trial? We can do that.
Do you want more favourable terms than you would get through a distributor? We can do that.
Do you want sale or return? We can do that.
Do you want support in events? We have authors and book groups spread over most of the country, we can do that.
So book shop owners, you are on the front lines of the industry, an industry facing unprecedented change. I, as a small independent publisher, would love to know how we can move forward together.
Our telephone number is 0845 116 1476
I know I speak for other small independent publishers when I say, 'I look forward to working with you.'