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Who is the most important person in the publishing business?

Posted by Yvonne Barlow on Tuesday, February 28, 2017,

There’s a question many industries ask their interns: “Who’s the most important person in the office?” Many utter what sounds obvious, “The president.” Only to be met with a head shake. “The CEO!” Wrong again. They finally blurt out, “You!” But the questioner often gives a prim all-knowing smile before announcing, “The most important person is the patient/the client/the stakeholder.”

In publishing, the correct answer would be “the reader.”

However readers are us...

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How to find a book club - or start one!

Posted by Yvonne Barlow on Monday, February 6, 2017,
Hookline depends on book groups and sometimes readers contact us asking how to find a book group or even how to start one.
If you wish to find a book group, there are two websites I would recommend:
Bookgroup.info is a UK website with recommendations on what to read and links to groups in a given area.
The Reading Agency has a formal relationship with libraries, can recommend books and help you find a book club in your area.
If there are no groups in your community or village then you may need to...
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