I remember a time before itunes and CDs when music came on vinyl albums. Oftentimes you weren't keen on all the musical tracks, but you listened anyway and oftentimes those unpopular tunes grew on you. I'm not the only person who sat in a bedroom listening to every single track on an album while reading the cover from top to bottom - including the copyright details - while the eighth, ninth or tenth song grew more appealing.
Today when we download digital music files, we pick only the album tracks we like and disregard the rest. We never allow the more subtle tunes to grace our sensibilities, we never have the opportunity to let a song grow on us.
At a recent seminar on the digital marketplace, music industry professionals gave advice to publishers. There was much talk about licensing, piracy and pricing, but no one talked about the consumer and how our listening habits have changed.
Do ebook consumers dip into chapters the way music fans listen to partial tracks of partial albums?
I think the answer is probably yes.
So should this change how we produce, market and price books?
I think the answer is probably yes.
How should we do this?
Ideas and comments, even partial ones, would be appreciated.