A guest blog from Hookline Books author, Bryony Doran - www.bryonydoran.com

I give the impression of being a very busy person all of the time so to admit to reading during the day is a bit difficult for me. I am self-employed, wear many hats and work from home all day and every day or so it would appear except I have a little blissful window in the late afternoon just as my energy levels are taking a dip, miraculously my cat, Nell, appears and demands my attention. I make a cup of tea and go and seat myself on my bed propped up with pillows. And Nell comes and sits on my lap so I can’t get up and demands my full attention although after five minutes she will allow me to read but if I try to go on my iPhone she jumps off. I love this time especially if it’s raining, as for some strange reason I feel less guilty.

The location of reading is important to me. As a child the only warm place in the house was in bed so that is the place where I still go to savour a book.

I tend to have several types of books on the go at any one time, and unless my fiction book is un-put-down-able, I would tend to read that before I go to sleep because I do not have to concentrate as much. The books that I am reading at the moment are: Non Fiction: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle (Life Changing) Poetry: Rubaiyat by Ruth Valentine. Fiction: A Hookline book – either Seven days to tell you – by Ruby Soames or The Secret Mother by Victoria Delderfield.

So in answer to the question – Yes I do read during the day and unless I do I am left with the feeling that my day has not been totally satisfactory.