Another month and more updates on the evolution of E-books.
Faber Factory have organised a conference to brief members on new aspects of E-publishing.
Many of us are keen to know how the Waterstones-Kindle alliance will play out. Will Waterstones continue to sell ePub books alongside Kindle books? (For the uninitiated, Kindle uses a different e-book formatting programme from the rest of the industry - hence Kindle can only read Kindle books). If Kindle books are sold onto Kindle devices in shops, will Waterstones do this for other devices and ePub?
Also, what is the future of Anobii? We've heard about it, we've downloaded the apps, but now we want to know how we can utilise it.
Another huge question is concerns metadata. It's important, but when it comes to keywords, what is optimum? Should it be three, six, twelve or forty-four? I could drown the spreadsheet in keywords if left to my own devices.
My own small question concerns spelling - is it ebooks, e-books or E-books? Or even Ebooks?
Answers, will hopefully be with me tomorrow - watch this space.