It was all a step in the dark. For six years we trundled along running the Hookline Novel Competition with terrific participation from book groups, but all the time knowing we had to change.
And change we did! 
The Facebook page - Hookline's Discover New Author's Page was set up in February and already we have signed up two authors. 
Terms by Ben Lyle will be out on 1 September:

Twelve-year-old James hates life at his hippy boarding school where lessons are optional, homework forbidden and school rules decided by democratic vote. All he wants is an academic education with proper exams. When a strict new maths teacher strides into this world of peace, love and fringed ponchos, James latches onto him as a symbol of hope. At first, Mervyn‚Äôs eccentricities seem comic but as a more tragic story unfolds, the adult James is forced to confront his own part in a grand downfall.  

We also signed up Ralph Spurier and his mystery novel - Drawn from Life - which will be published in coming months under the title, A Coin for the Executioner.

While this is all keeping us busy, we cannot forget the Hookline 2014 winner - Victoria Delderfield and her novel The Secret Mother (titled Effects & Belongings in the competition). The Secret Mother will be out on 1 October.

Truth be told, we have never been so busy - four titles published in one year (we cannot forget What Lies in the Dark by CM Thompson which went to print in February).