Book groups are sending in their results as we move toward the conclusion of the Hookline Novel Competition.
Usually, we see a particular novel rise above the others, and I can easily bet on who might win. Interestingly, so far, there seems to be no clear favourite. So all bets are off.
For those unfamiliar with the Hookline Novel Competition: We take submissions only from students and graduates of MA writing courses and ask book groups to judge their work - in short, we bring together serious new writers and seriously consuming readers. 
Some people argue that taking an MA course does not guarantee a good writer, and they are correct. However, for our purposes, we need a benchmark as we could not cope with the number of submissions if we opened the competition to everyone.

We have around thirty book groups between England, Scotland and Wales (Northern Ireland book groups, we need you). Book groups initially receive a collection of early chapters. They select a short list of works that offer the most promise and then have the opportunity to read and rate the full manuscripts of these selected works.
Our short-listed works this year come from:
Victoria Owens of Bath Spa University
AJ Morgan of University of Wales
Paul Beatty of Manchester Metropolitan University
Andrew Chesney of Anglia Ruskin University
Andrea Case-Rogers of Manchester Metropolitan University
We wish all the writers the best of luck.
The winner will be revealed in early November.