'To own a certain book, and to choose it without help, is to define yourself.'
Julian Barnes

When browsing through a bookshop or library, we are often reluctant to stake our time and money on an unknown author. It feels safer to opt for the novel that has had attention in the media - either through reviews, author interviews or a billboard picture or two. But, as we all know, not all highly hyped novels turn out to be wonderful reads, and not all unhyped novels are worthless.
So how do we discover the quiet novel, the well-told story that no one is recommending through radio, tv or print? Mostly we find those quiet books through word-of-mouth recommendation. The friend whose judgement we trust can hold great influence, especially when they enthuse over a particular plot.
One of my favourite quiet novels is The Ginger Tree by Oswald Wynd. It was recommended by my sister, someone whose taste I truly trust, and tells of a Scottish woman joining a husband she barely knows in a country she barely understands.
But what quiet novel have you discovered?
Tell me, I'll pass the word.