Small bloggers often worry about who reads them - those with many followers don't worry about this, they simply write.
But I worry about it - I give advice on starting a book group, my thoughts on e-book prices and even show you about the dress I bought for the London Book Fair, all with a vague niggle on who, if anyone, is reading my rants.
I recently went to a Bloggers and Vloggers networking event. The confident were out there discussing their Klout - a social networking rank that is based on the number of followers you have. Let's say those with Klout boasted about it, and the zeroes were many.
But with all that writing, who is reading? I barely have time to read the newspaper - but I do, and it would take a very good blogger to draw me away from news. 
There are a few bloggers I read - all publishing related, interesting to me, probably less so to others. And I suppose that is the value of a blog - they are not generic newspaper columns of hard news, politics, lifestyle and sports - blogs allow us to find writers who inform and entertain us. 
I have found the blogs that inform me and I'm grateful to those writers. But the abundance of words out there overwhelms me - with so many of us writing, who is reading?