If you like Jilly Cooper, you will love Jilly Wosskow. 
While Jilly Cooper writes about wealthy jet-setting polo-playing characters, Jilly Wosskow sticks to people we know, girls from Sheffield who want fun and a man to love them. And she does this as she makes us laugh and loud with sex scenes that would make Jilly Cooper blush.
Jilly Wosskow herself is a shy woman - although you would never think that to see her. She describes herself: 
born in Sheffield in the mid-1950s and has been carousing there ever since. I love extreme sports such as teetering from bar to bar in six-inch heels and sunbathing with just a smattering of factor two for protection. My novel offers young women lessons in bagging a bloke, getting through testing times and even how to get on the property ladder.
I would love Jilly to tweet and blog her thoughts on life, love and fashions she sees in the street, but sadly she's too busy having fun.