Hookline has become my life. My children have left home. My husband is a workaholic, and Hookline Books has become my third child. It absorbs all my attention, which means I can bore my friends to a stupor.
However, when it comes to blogging, I can think of nothing to write. It's a strange phenomenon - I have terrific ideas, but when it comes to putting fingertips to keyboard, it all disappears into a dull fog - 'dull' being the key word.
So, from now on, you won't be only hearing about books and authors - you'll be getting news from me. What stirs me, what makes me laugh, cry or grow cross.
As mentioned, I've been married a long time to a keen workaholic. With children gone and two careers to absorb all attention, my husband and I sometimes get out of the habit of talking - he tires of hearing about books; and I really tire of whatever it is he does. We had an anniversary last week - a long one, one that would elicit a whoop and cheer if we were to announce the years in public. I browsed the anniversary cards sold on our high street and could find nothing - nothing - that said how I felt. Love, joy, happiness - well, yes, but...I wanted to say something more.
Then I saw this - no love, joy but it did make us laugh.