I have a soft spot for the Sony e-Reader and was sorry to hear that Sony are giving up on their Reader Store. Their e-reader hit the digital shelves long before any Kindle, and it broke new ground - it's cover made the device look and feel like a book, there was no back light to irritate the eyes and book marking was easy. Everything about it felt comfortable - until you tried to buy an e-book! Then the process became complicated as the newly purchased ePub landed on our laptop, and we struggled to move it through Adobe Digital Editions and on to our e-Reader. It took many purchases before the process felt familiar - and then friends and family called me to help them. 
It was as though Sony created the device but forgot about the user, the consumer who isn't necessarily digitally savvy.
As new devices appeared with wi-fi connection to transfer e-book purchases, the Sony e-Reader began to feel like history.
Thankfully, all the Sony e-books we purchased can still be accessed through Kobo, but it feels sad to say goodbye to the Sony Reader Store.