Book groups are to be celebrated. As these dedicated readers meet each month and discuss their monthly read, they have become the backbone of the fiction industry. 
I will repeat my previous claim that Alexander McCall Smith and his Number One Ladies Detective Agency, Louis de Bernieres and Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Rebecca Wells and her YaYa Sisterhood would not be successful without word of mouth praise from book groups.
Here at Hookline, we have huge faith in reading groups. All the books we put to print are selected for publication by book groups - we wouldn't be in business without them.
So book groups, if you would like one of our authors to visit and perhaps answer questions on the origin of the story, the writing process or even how they cope with family and writing, please email me:

In further support of book groups, we offer a 25% price reduction plus free postage. Again email me for details.