Ebooks for Africa! Tablets for Africa!
We hear a lot about digital technology being transported to Africa, and it's a wonderful ideal. The problem is that much of the telephone fibre in Africa is just that - made for telephone usage and unable to support the passage of bulky data (think of the old days of internet dial up).
So while ebook technology may not yet be appropriate, there is another digital mechanism that is ideal - the Espresso Book Machine! This physical printer operates like a vending machine. It stores PDF files of thousands of titles, and can print, bind, cover a text and spit it out within minutes, as it is ordered by each customer.
Anyone with any experience of Africa knows that books - whether they are textbooks, novels, how-to books - are scarce in many African cities. Books are heavy, therefore expensive to ship. As a result, most shops have a paltry selection to choose from. 
Espresso Book Machines sit in many western cities, but they are considered a curiosity. I would love to see them shipped to African university campuses where they texts could be available to all who wanted to read.
This is not a plea for poor Africa - this is a continent of education and a growing middle class. This is a request for a common sense approach to digital book distribution until Africa gets its high speed fibre optic cables and can join the rest of the wi-fi world.