Much is written about how it's the turn of the author, and publishers must take a back seat.
An article in Forbes magazine states: Publishers need to evolve their business models to reflect a new reality and one that is closely aligned to the authors
Self-publishing, author cooperatives, and pay-for-publication imprints are all receiving a massive amount of coverage right now. 
For a small publishing company such as ours, this discussion can make us wonder why we get out of bed. Yes, anyone can publish anything they wish, have it edited, typeset, covered and printed for the world to see.
But how do they find the readers.
Without readers the author is a very lonely writer.
Readers are who we should seek to please. We need their endorsement, their pleasure, their patronage.
But how to reach readers when the author is not a well known name?
At Hookline Books, we don't have a budget for publicists and billboards. Instead, we strive for word-of-mouth recommendation - reader to reader to reader. Every little sale is precious. 
This time last year, we had the ambitious idea of doubling sales in a year. It seemed like a long shot, but you have to aim high. 
Well, dear reader, we thank you all. Sales of our titles increased ten fold in 2012. 

Author-centered writing sounds wonderfully ideal, but they miss a vital part of the publishing equation - Readers! We are nobody without you.