We're running our own version of Netgalley. We'll provide the PDF of a title if you agree to review it on Goodreads, Amazon or your very own blog. If you hate the book, tell people. If it leaves you cold, fine. But if you love it, and we hope you do, then ring out the praises.
For the uninitiated, Netgalley is a review site that provides ebooks to booksellers, reviewers, librarians and keen readers. It's a fairly expensive venture for small publishers, however it does raise awareness of titles. We loved our time with Netgalley - and the readers there seemed to like our books. But the whole experience made me think - why doesn't Hookline have it's own Netgalley, offering our own titles to our own readers to read and review?
So the offer is there - read our early chapters here and email me with the title you would like emailed.
I look forward to growing with you.