A second novel is a tough assignment - ask any author and they'll tell you that a successful debut is a stressful act to follow.
Bryony Doran's The China Bird was Hookline's first ever novel - and, considering our naiveté in the industry, it achieved terrific acclaim:
Author Livi Michael called it, "A delicate and unusual novel that explores the precariousness of relationships."
Blogger Rob Around Books said, "A literary classic which should be, and must be, eagerly consumed by readers of all tastes."
When it came to ebook sales, The China Bird frequently sat in the top 40, perched above JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy.
With her next title, Bryony tackled not a novel, but an even more difficult genre - the short story collection. As the editor, I frequently found the stories, and their revelations, quite jaw dropping. So I'd like to share the first story with everyone - even you! Read The Red Shoes now, click on the title before you do anything else. You will not be disappointed.