Seven Days to Tell You came in the top three at the finals of The People's Book Awards - a huge privilege. Ruby and I had a fun evening - great to meet the other authors and publishers up for the award.
While Seven Days to Tell You didn't win, we did top the number of positive reviews on The People's Book Prize website.
If you have any doubt about the novel's merit, read below:

Excellent new writing; engaging characters and exciting plot. I devoured Seven Days to Tell You in one sitting... This needs to win! Waiting for book number two...

Tight writing and a compelling story line. Soames beautifully sums up the sometime agony of love and loss without being sentimental. 
Thanks to the author and those who told me to read it.

Loved this book so much I read it slowly because I didn't want to reach the end...
DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IN THE BATH Failure to comply with the health warning and you will get out of your bath 17 hours later feeling thoroughly chilled; by the seven days it takes for Kate to decide, and by the temperature of your bath water. Once started, it is impossible to put down.


These are just a few of the 80-something reviews posted by readers. I am hugely proud.