Change is never easy. We know that alterations to the Hookline process has not been popular among our book groups, but converting manuscripts to paperbacks and mailing them out was expensive. In addition, the ten-month judging process was too long.
We have kept some book groups on board but we have lost many.
In an effort to keep individual book group readers, especially those who own e-readers, we've set up online book groups on Facebook and Goodreads. 
I will post synopsis of manuscripts, and readers simply tell me which manuscript they would like to read and it will be emailed - the first three chapters and then, by request, the rest of the manuscript. Responses are by email.
Both groups are closed, and membership is by invitation only.
If you would like to join, simply email me and specify Facebook or Goodreads.
We look forward to these changes - already I've spotted a few promising manuscripts and look forward to hearing the views of other readers.