The London Book Fair is coming up and there is a huge amount to do - creating brochures, researching businesses, making appointments, etc. But there is another very critical issue - what to wear?
And while that might sound trite to some, to me the wrong outfit is like wearing a sack cloth to Buckingham Palace - not that I've ever been to her ladyship's abode. But I have made mistakes in dress code before and felt looks of disdain where even waiters with free champagne have avoided me. The right outfit can make you stand up straight, fight your corner a little better. As a journalist, I had a pair of plaid tights I wore with a black dress - it was my 'come back fighting outfit', the one I wore when I felt undermined.
So, I'm pleased to announce I have bought this year's London Book Fair dress - it's bright red, no one can say they couldn't find me.
Okay, it's a three day event. The other two days I will wear last year's outfit and the one from the year before. But for first day of the fair, look out! I'm coming out fighting.