As much as I love to read, I also love to listen to a good story. In the car, I choose to drive during Radio 4's Book of the Week or Book at Bedtime. But this isn't always convenient - hence, the joy of iPlayer and listening when to the story when it is convenient.
But sitting listening to a story isn't an easy thing to do - what do you do with your hands? (I don't iron!) This is where hand crafts come in and, for me, that means knitting my very own Andy Murray. He's small, doesn't require much concentration but, at the end of Book at Bedtime, I've done something.
It could take several more months - and I'm not looking forward to crocheting matching ears or a nose that looks reasonable - but in the meantime I have listened to Rosamund Lupton's Sisters, Tolstoy's War and Peace and many other dramas.
When Andy's finished, I've found a pattern to knit The Beatles - watch this space!