This is the final TWO DAYS of voting for 1st stage of The People’s Book Prize.

One of our novels, Seven Days to Tell You by Ruby Soames, has been nominated.

It is tough for a small publishing company like ours to rise – we may have great stories, terrific writers and a wonderful niche in allowing reading groups to choose what goes to print. But what we don’t have are the finances for a publicity campaign.

So this competition is an excellent opportunity for Hookline to air its wares.

To refresh your memory Seven Days to Tell You is the story of a woman whose husband disappears only to return three years later asking for a week to prove his love. Why did he disappear? Should she take him back?

Seven Days to Tell You was a favourite of our book groups and was published in June.

If you haven’t yet read the novel but would like to, I will email you a pdf of the work – a testament to my belief that you will enjoy this novel.

Deadline for voting is February 29. Registration is necessary for the People’s Book Prize ballot, but it only takes a few minutes (it prevents fraud).

If you enjoyed the novel, we would love your vote.