This is the final leg of voting in the finals of The People’s Book Prize.

We are delighted that Seven Days to Tell You by Ruby Soames is a finalist in the fiction category.

It is tough for a small publishing company like ours to rise – we may have great stories, terrific writers and a wonderful niche in allowing reading groups to choose what goes to print. But what we don’t have are the finances for a publicity campaign.

So this competition is an excellent opportunity for Hookline to air its wares.

To refresh your memory Seven Days to Tell You is the story of a woman whose husband disappears only to return three years later asking for a week to prove his love. Why did he disappear? Should she take him back?

Seven Days to Tell You was a favourite with our book groups and was published in June 2011.

If you haven’t yet read the novel but would like to, I will email you a pdf of the work – a testament to my belief that you will enjoy this novel.

Deadline for voting is May 30 – if you voted in the earlier heat, then you don’t need to do so again – votes are cumulative.

Registration is necessary for The People’s Book Prize ballot, but it only takes a few minutes and it prevents fraud.

If you enjoyed the novel, we would love your vote.