Covers are the windows to a book. A bad cover can cost a publisher readers. But who decides what makes a good cover?
Authors often have a cover in mind when writing a book. When considering the cover, editors look at demographics and who are the likely readers of a manuscript. Designers, well, they want to make a mark, and good designers like to make a profound mark.
In reality, it is readers who decide a good cover - if it turns them away, it's a bad cover.
So, we've decided our original cover of a very good novel was turning readers away. Terms by Ben Lyle is a terrific novel of a young man returning to the alternative school that gave him a sharp, independent mind. Of course, like many good novels, there is a strong undercurrent of threat and dissent. Our original cover for Terms was pastoral - representing the calm atmosphere of a hippy school with no rules. After feedback from readers, mainly on Netgalley, we realise the cover needed something darker - and what could be darker than a blackboard? And what represents school better than a blackboard?
So we introduce our new cover of Terms

We hope you like it.