It's scary for an author (and a publisher) when a novel is thrown open for review. What if everyone hates it? What if we are the only people who see merit in the work?
Well, we did something scary earlier this year, something we've never done before, and threw all of this year's publications open to review by all Netgalley subscribers. Netgalley, is a book discovery site for booksellers, reviewers, bloggers, librarians and those who love books - even if all they do is read.
Well, the first title up was our first crime fiction novel, What Lies in the Dark by CM Thompson.
And we can let out a long sigh of relief - Netgalley reviewers loved it, with 75 percent of them giving it 4 or 5 stars.
Here is a taster of the reviews:
An edge of your seat well-written thriller.

The plot is fast paced and very tense with some pretty disturbing and gritty scenes, but absolutely cleverly handled. All the characters felt very real and authentic. I've got to say when the serial killer was revealed in the penultimate chapter, I was somewhat confused and had to go back over earlier pages, but it all made sense, and although the ending was very abrupt, I really loved it. Very cleverly done. I would certainly read more by this author.  
The book is fast paced, and the chapters are short. There are many plot twist, which is great. I had so many theories, and most of them proved to be wrong. At first I thought it was Robert, then Elisabeth, and so on. I liked the fact that the plot was unpredictable. It made me pay more attention to the story, and make mental notes. We find out who the killer is in the penultimate chapter. The author made certain hints that let the reader figure it out.
This book was exciting and kept you riveted the whole way through.  It's a different style of writing with very long chapters, but shorter paragraphs that chop and change with different characters stories. This makes for a fast action packed book. Brilliant!
This book is fast paced never a dull moment in it and written from different views even the killer’s. I liked that about the book without giving the killer away we learnt what he was doing and thinking but not why. I thought it was a really great book and with an author to look out for in the future.
A great debut thriller, with some wonderful flairs of style - I particularly liked the seemingly innocuous descriptions of the victims, as women going about their day, only for things to take a sharp turn as you realise that Thompson is in fact describing another victim's dead body. Well worth a read.
What Lies in the Dark is constructed much like a jigsaw - instead of little piles of pieces we have brief vignettes that, when you first read them, you are not sure where they fit. But by then end of the book (and WHAT an end!) everything has fallen into place, and you are left with the magnificent feeling of having just read a really well constructed and thrilling book.
This book is written in a slightly breathless style that is well suited to the heightened level of suspense artfully created by the author.

CM Thompson has perfectly captured human nature - our pettiness and rivalries; our emotions of apathy and anger, our righteousness and suspicions.


hank you to Netgalley, Hookline Books and author CM Thompson for the gift of a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.