We've realised over the years that most of you don't have the time to read our manuscripts and give us feedback. So we're cutting you some slack - there will be no more annoying emails asking for your thoughts on work we've sent. We're going it alone. However, if you want to stay with us, read with us, help choose the best of the work that crosses into our laptops, then please email us the genre you like and we'll keep you in our decision making loop.

To all those readers who've helped us over the last few years, thank you and please know that we’ve learned so much from you. The news is that we are giving up our 'Discover new authors' page on our website. 

For writers, we remain committed to manuscripts submissions from MA writers only – email telling us your name, address, your MA university and attach the first three chapters and a synopsis.

For those who don’t have an MA, we’ll take a look at your work and, if it’s promising, we’ll do what’s known as a co-publishing venture and share costs of publishing with you – email for details.