1. Eat - this may sound elementary but it's easy to rush past the long lines at cafes thinking you don't have time. Running on empty means you're not thinking properly. Keep snacks in your handbag - savoury and sweet.
2. Drink - and I don't just mean beer and wine. It's a dry old environment at Olympia and running from floor to floor can feel like a mini-marathon. Carry a water bottle - with water in it!
3. Breathe - it gives you time to think about what people are proposing. In fact, don't answer anything until you've taken a breath - this is good advice for most aspects of life.
4. Laugh - it makes you feel better. Some people say I do this too much but...it's a sad day when we don't do this at all.
5. Check your clothes in a mirror. It was late afternoon before I discovered the buttons on my blouse were mis-aligned pushing the collar under my chin and making a tail stick down over my skirt. I may have looked well fed, hydrated, calm and happy, but appearing as though I couldn't dress myself did nothing for my publishing reputation.
Number 5, remember number 5!