Who can write a novel? 
Any celebrity apparently - it seems to go with the gene that blesses them when they talk on television and appear at award shows.
The latest celebrity to sign a book deal for fiction is Richard Madeley - of Richard & Judy fame. Previous celebrities to be blessed with the fiction writing gene are Anne Widdecombe, politician and dancer; Michael Howard's wife, the former model Sandra Howard; Katie Price, model and feminist icon. We can also add to the list Naomi Campbell, Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Ritchie, Britney Spears, Sylvester Stallone...
Why does this make me so angry? Because there are many people out there who are unknown but talented, and they can't get their manuscript into the hands of an agent, let alone an editor. 
However, after being blessed with fame, it seems anyone can put fingers to keyboard and come out with a great plot, character growth, sentence structure and climactic ending.
An editor at a large publishing house once told me they sign up celebrity novels because readers are buying into a 'brand' created by the celebrity.
I think it is simply lazy marketing and a refusal to take a chance on new, and unknown, writers.