Many of our authors are lovely people. They care about their family and friends; they would help the elderly cross the street and many have a good sense of humour.

So why are their novels not on the best seller lists?

I ask because of the rise of celebrity authors. I’m not talking about memoirs, that’s a whole different genre and who better to write a life than the person who lived it. I’m talking fiction – and so many of them are at it – Dawn French, David Walliams, Graham Norton, Richard Osman. Now some of their novels are good, well-told tales. But best sellers? Really? I read Richard Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club, a novel that was the fastest selling crime novel of all time. To be honest, it was ok. A bit long and the “who did it” revelation came so late that I no longer remembered the murderer or cared. Now before I’m lynched, Richard Osman is a very entertaining man, quick witted and a terrific television host – but even he says he is surprised at the novel’s success.

So the big question is why do we buy novels written by celebrities? The answer is simply that we feel we know them. If we like them on television, we believe we will like the story they give us. You can call it demographics or branding. A celebrity whose television appearances appeal to women under 40/men over 60/both genders under 25 find a home with readers in these groups. We believe they are writing for us, personally. Compare that to a new author, an unknown, even someone whose genre and back-cover blurb appeals to you. Few of us like taking a chance on an unfamiliar name, especially as books cost hard-earned cash.

So I am appealing to you on behalf of the unknown author, the writer you don’t know but who might take you on a journey you will enjoy. They don’t have a television presence, but they are teachers, book sellers, parents, good people who are entertaining and good with words. Try them.

You can read the early chapters of all our novels on our website.

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